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I have taught on a regular basis for more than 30 years: seminars, discussion groups, lectures, lecture series, conferences, etc. I have taught students at all levels, but also held popular presentations for a broader audience, as well as more specialized talks, e.g. for army officers. My teaching covers anthropology (in a broad sense), postsocialist studies, Russian studies, writing and methods courses. Within anthropology I have covered a particularly diverse field, which expresses my broad interest in anthropology's theory, methods and history. I have experience working with web-augented learning, and offer a 90 minute web-based lecture on the basic principles of writing for students (in Norwegian only).

Today, I offer teaching in various formats for various audiences.

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Below follow a selection of courses I have held:




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History of anthropology
Qualitative methods
Offline writing course
Online writing course
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Power, conflict, morality
Anthropology of postsocialism
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