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What do I teach?

Writing courses
Writing courses in various formats can be arranged, from a 90-minute online lecture, to intensive immersals over several days, and to full-semester courses with intensive individual follow-up. The documentation for intensive writing course I contributed to may be seen here.

One-shot seminars and lectures
I am prepared to give short, introductory courses on just about any theme which might fall within the field of socio-cultural anthropology, including practical mini-courses in participant observation. The manuscript of a lecture for first-year students on the them "What is identity?" may be read here.

Regionally, I can cover the former Soviet Union, Russia, and much of the postsocialist region in East and Central Europe - mostly from anthropological, sociological and historical perspectives.

Intensive or longer-term courses
Intensive courses may be held over a period som several days, with course-work going on for as much as 8 hours a day (with alternating seminars, lectures, group assignments and student presentations). They have the advantage of total imersal: quick and engaging.

Longer-term courses are typically spread out over weeks and months, with attendance once or twice a week for an hour or two. They have the advantage of immersal over time, having time to think things through and ask intelligent questions.

Various kinds of combinations of these two basic forms are also possible, e.g. with three short, intensive sessions spread out over an entire semester. The documentation for the most complex course I have ever contributed to (designed by Michael A. Whyte) may be seen here.


Teaching fees are of two kinds: The fee for actual lecturing, participation in seminars, etc., and the fee for preparing the course. Clearly, the more complex the course, the more preparation is required.

In general, I figure my teaching fees in real hours worked, irrespective of whether the hours are used on preparations or actual course-work. My hourly fee is at present 300 NOK. NB! In case the project is aborted by you, I will still bill you for any hours used on preparation.

In the case of complicated courses, we might instead agree on a flat fee.

Ordering a course

If you want to discuss a teaching job with me, send me an email describing your project briefly (theme, purpose of teaching, audience, format, budgetary limitations). I'll respond with a plan for what might be done within this framework, which you must approve. Complex projects may involve more extensive consultations about terms and means before they are agreed on. Since I am a one-man business, I cannot guarrantee that I will be able to accept all requests.

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