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Below, I have collected syllabi, reading lists, link collections, student papers etc. from university-level courses I have held since the mid-1980's. Additional material may be added. The extent of documentation varies from course to course, with some, particularly older courses, including only a reading list and a teaching plan. My hope is that other teachers:

(a) will find my materials interesting and use them for inspiration when creating their own courses, and:
(b) will want to publish their courses here, making them accessible to the public. To publish a course on this site, contact me.
This collection is an expression of the overall philosophy of the websites I manage, where academic work is made freely available to the interested public. A similar, far more ambitious project has recently been inaugerated by the Massachussetts Institute of Technology, which, on its OpenCourseWare website, has published 500 fully documented courses in various subjects, including anthropology.

General anthropology

Europe etc.

Applications and methods

Introduction to anthropology Introduction to the anthropology of Europe Fieldwork and methods
History of anthropology
Models and theories The anthropology of East / Central Europe Comparison
The nature of anthropology    
Gender and kinship   Contextualization
Power and exchange Anthropological writing
Metaphor and meaning
Economy Post-European conditions Using the Internet